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PAX East 2013 – some initial impressions

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PAX East 2013 – some initial impressions

Hi Everyone,

It’s way too early on a Saturday morning and I’m just putting some quick thoughts down before I head out the door for the second day of PAXEast.  For those who have never been, let me tell you this place is huge.  Here’s a quick shot of maybe 20% of the main exhibit hall space from setup on Thursday to give you an idea:


With all that space, there’s a great area for board games and miniatures games as well as all the usual video games and corporate booths.  I’ve heard several people comment on this positively when comparing it to PAX Prime.  The down side is that it’s so big it’s easy to get lost without signage.  I’m bringing makeshift signs for today and will definitely be working on something better for next year.  Still, we had a dozen people in Iron Arena yesterday while the exhibit hall was still open (don’t know how last night was yet) as well as about an equal number of folks stopping by to say ‘hi’ and sign up for today’s tournament.  I think we can really grow this thing huge next year and I think the guys from PP agree as they’ve got a booth here this year.  Speaking of which, here’s a quick picture of the booth during setup on Thursday:


I’ve got some general observations and thoughts which I’ll put down here in the coming days.  There’s nothing like PAX to give you a feel for the mixed pull of multiple game types all vying for the same market.  Overall, I think attending here will be a very positive thing for PP as they’re reaching a slightly different slice of the gamer demographic having a booth in the exhibit hall to attract new people and Craig and I in the gaming area running stuff for the existing fans.  The trick is just standing out in the press of people and all the noise and flashing lights.

Well, I’m off to do it all again today so I’ll see you on the other side…..



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  1. Bob says:

    Thanks again to you and Craig for the hard work throughout the weekend! As a player, I appreciated all of the great WM/H events.