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Dropzone Commander Challenge – Update 1

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Dropzone Commander Challenge – Update 1

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Well, I spent a chunk of time Sunday and Monday evening cleaning parts and assembling miniatures while half watching reruns of Chopped and Dog the Bounty Hunter on Netflix.  I”m making a decent dent in the project as you can see:

2 days of assembly complete.

2 days of assembly complete.

Here it is, 6 tanks, 2 small dropships, 8 minders and two transports for them, 4 troop transports, and 2 fighters.  I’ve still got 3 more tanks, the large dropship, and the massive ship with the squid arms (I promise, I’ll learn all the proper names by the time we get to the table) left to go.  Overall, I was very pleased with the ease with which the models cleaned up and went together, especially how the connection points lined up to blend in to the detail with very few gaps and good self-reinforcement.  One thing that was particularly tricky was the fact that the “racks” that attach to either side of the dropships are side-specific.  You can see what I mean in this photo:

dzc006Those little ridges in the recesses on the “wing” line up with the score marks on the “shelf” below when you insert them.  The trick is that they’re side-specific so if you cut them all off the sprue at the same time you have to sort them all out before breaking out the superglue or you’re in for a bad surprise.  It does help make sure that the final model goes together in the right way, but it can get confusing if you don’t notice that little detail.  Of course, it would also have helped if I’d have thought to glue those shelves in before attaching the wings on the first dropship.  Learned my lesson for the second one though.

By way of color scheme, I’ve been thinking that I’m going to go with a bit of a color scheme inspired by the White Walkers for the Game of Thrones series of books by George R.R. Martin.  In the books, the Walkers reanimate the dead to fight for them (sort of like the Scourge taking over captured creatures) and one of the distinctive features of the walking dead are their shining ice blue eyes.  So, I’m going to do all the eye/lens globes on the vehicles a bright/light blue.  For the main body, I’m debating between a very dark metallic purple, black highlighted up through midnight blue, or possibly a really dark scab red bordering on black.  I’m still up in the air though.

Let me know what you think or any suggestions in the comment section.

Next update this weekend.

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