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New England Team Tournament 2013 – more details

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New England Team Tournament 2013 – more details

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That’s right, we’ve got more details!  Here you go for all your planning needs:

Location: We’ll be at the Holiday Inn Mansfield/Foxboro located at 31 Hampshire Street, Mansfield. They’re right at the intersection of 95 and 495 for easy access. If you’re planning to make a weekend out of it (I’ve got a good reason you might want to stay until Sunday that I can’t announce just yet) you can make reservations by calling 508-339-2200 and mentioning the group code NEP or New England Privateers for a reduced room rate.

: registration at 10am, dice roll at 11am

Format: 50pt steamroller 2013, 5-round max event, 2 lists required (remember you cannot include the same version of a model/unit with FA:C in both your lists), divided and conquer 2 (must use each list at least twice), deathclock with hardcore time limit (42 minutes on each player’s clock).

Teams: Each team must consist of 3 players, a captain and two others. Members of the team do not have to play the same faction. Members of the team will be listed on the team roster as Captain, 1st Lt, and 2nd Lt. For each pairing of teams, the captains will play each other, the 1st lieutenants will play each other, etc. Before the games begin each round, the opposing captains each roll a die. The captain who rolls lowest must decided and declare if he is using his team feat or not. Then the captain rolling highest decides and declares. The team feat may only be used once during the tournament. The team feat allows the captain using it to decide the order of match-ups between the two teams.

More info on prizes and registration coming soon.

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