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Cheating for a good cause

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Cheating for a good cause

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The Clobber Cancer event is just around the corner so I think it’s high time to share the draft rules for “cheating” at the tournament.  In most respects, the tournament will play like a standard 35-point Steamroller but players can buy tickets to “cheat”.  Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5.

The first, and most common, use for tickets will be to buy re-rolls.  At any time during a game, you may spend tickets to re-roll all the dice in a single roll to hit, damage, deviate, make a command check, etc.  This means that if you boost an attack roll and roll all three dice together, a re-roll means all three dice are rolled again.  The result of a re-roll must be kept unless still more tickets are spent to re-roll again.  There is no limit to the number of times that a single roll can be re-rolled other than running out of tickets and you can buy more tickets mid-game but the deathclock will still be running.

Note that you’re not restricted to buying re-rolls of just your own dice rolls.  You can spend tickets to force your opponent to re-roll as well.  For example, Dave could roll a very high damage roll that would result in one of Julio’s ‘jacks being scrapped and Julio could spend tickets to force Dave to re-roll the damage roll.  If Dave didn’t like the result of the re-roll, he could spend his own tickets to re-roll again.

Each re-roll you buy during a game round has a different cost, but the price resets back to the beginning each round:

  • First one you buy – 1 ticket
  • Second roll – 2 tickets
  • Third roll – 4 tickets
  • Fourth roll – 6 tickets
  • Fifth roll – 8 tickets
  • Sixth and subsequent rolls – 10 tickets each

In addition to re-rolls, you can buy other advantages with tickets.  The following are some examples of what I’m thinking of right now.  They may be altered before the actual event so don’t build a whole game plan around some small wording technicality of a cheat that might not even be available the day of the tournament.  You may not stack more than once cheat at a time onto a single model/unit.

  • 5 tickets – cancel any one of the following cheats immediately after it is purchased by your opponent.
  • 3 tickets – give one model/unit of your army an advance move prior to the start of the first turn of the game.
  • 5 tickets – force one model/unit of your opponent’s army with advance deploy to instead deploy normally with the rest of the army.
  • 4 tickets – give a model/unit the “Tough” attribute for one round.  If the model/unit already has Tough, it now has a 4+ tough roll for the round rather than the standard 5+ roll.  May only be purchased once per game.
  • 10 tickets – you may wait until after your opponent has revealed which list he will use for the game before choosing your own list to use.
  • 6 tickets – for one round, a non-character model/unit gains +2 to your choice of one of the following stats: MAT, RAT, SPD, or weapon POW.  May only be purchased once per game.
  • 6 tickets – for one round, a non-character model/unit gains +2 to your choice of either DEF or ARM.
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