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Clobber Cancer a Success

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Clobber Cancer a Success

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Some of the participants in the Clobber Cancer tournament this past Saturday

Some of the participants in the Clobber Cancer tournament this past Saturday

Thank you to everyone who came out this past Saturday to make the Clobber Cancer event a success.  The gaming community includes some of the most generous people I know and this weekend proved that yet again.  Despite a lower than expected turn-out, we had a good crew of people playing WARMACHINE and HORDES to benefit cancer research and treatment at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.  In the end, everyone had a good time socializing and gaming, people got some cool prizes, and we did a good thing.  We raised a total of $300 in an afternoon – less than we hoped but a good start none the less.

Before I sign off to start working on the next event, I’d like to thank a few folks who helped make this a success:

  • Thank you Craig for driving out to help me co-pilot the event and chat gaming while others pushed models.
  • Thank you Steve for hand-tying a dozen paracord dice bags to give away to participants.  Everyone liked them a lot.
  • Thank you to Games & Gears for the wonderful GenCon 2014 exclusive tavern we had as one of our prizes.
  • Thank you Privateer Press for making a great game we all enjoy.

And now, some pictures:







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